Success Stories

by | Jan 12, 2018 |

See what some of our Energise members have to say about their journey.

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Bridgit’s Story

Meet our girl Brigit, she is one determined, inspiring, strong, caring lady who started her Journey back in May 2014- she gave up smoking and decided to get fit and that is exactly what she did. Brigit has lost over 30kg, is now in size 8/10 skinny Jeans and smashing out workouts to beat the band. While Brigit has a passion for baking she decided to change around her recipes using healthy alternatives while creating mouthwatering recipes for all the family to enjoy. (we are all waiting for the cook book Bridg?) Make no mistake change didn’t come easy but Bridgit never gave up and got more determined every week to keep going, Bridgit would tell you she couldn’t run the length of herself back in May, today however she is training for the Buller Half marathon, she truly is an inspiration to us all that anything is possible if only you believe. Thank you Bridgit for being who you are I have thoroughly enjoyed training you now I look forward to training along side you..

Andrew’s Story

This Guy has worked hard over the last 10 weeks and the results shows all that challenging work was worth it. Dropping over 11kg decreasing his Body fat % by 5%, losing 15cm of his waist & 12cm off his hips to say he feels great is an understatement.

Edel’s Story

Edel signed up for our 10 – week program and smashed it! She was determined to stick to the plan and get the results she wanted for her wedding.
Edel dropped her body fat by 5% and lost a total of 61cm all over. With a whopping 17cm off her waist she sure was the stunning bride on her wedding day!

Laura’s Story

This is our Girl Laura, who has smashed the last 10 weeks- Losing 13cm off her waist and 9cm off her hips. dropping her body fat % by over 6%. Not only has Laura lost weight and looks AMAZING! She has totally changed her lifestyle- changing eating habits, changing how she socializes and completing not 1 but 2 Duathalon’s in the last few weeks. Laura you are an inspiration to so many and its be a pleasure working with you xx

Holly loved Bootcamp

“What a great boot camp this morning, thank you Lorraine for all you encouragement. Thanks also for the snacks after the boot camp, perfect on a very hot day. Keep up the good work. #thinkfitgetfitstayfit”

Sarah’s Story

Meet Sarah, Sarah is a busy Mum of 3 kiddies her youngest was 1 year old when she did her 10 Week Challenge with Energise Health & Fitness. Sarah was only busy with the kids but she also worked shift work alongside running their side business at the weekend. Regardless she always found the time to do her exercise and make the changes needed with her nutrition to have a successful 10 Week Challenge. I have loved working with you Sarah and your enthusiasm is infectious.

One happy customer

“Since childhood I have had a poor relationship with food. When I started my 10 week challenge my goals were the same as they have been for most of my life ā€“ to lose weight, specifically kgā€™s on the scales. What I gained over the 10 weeks was far more than weight loss. Lorraine has truly changed my life and my relationship with food ā€“ seeing nutrition in food ā€“ not just calories and guilt. Thank you Lorraine.”