9.30am Classes

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

1x Class $15 2x Class $26 3x Class $35 10 week packages available

Suitable for all fitness levels.

Outdoor Boot Camp

Tuesday 5.45pmĀ  and Saturday 8am

North Hadley ParkĀ (Note: Saturday location could change see Facebook for details)

Concession cards Available (10 Classes for $145)

Kids Ninja/ Yoga Class

Kids Yoga & Martial Arts After School Programme

Ages 7 – 12 Year olds

Starts Wednesday 13th

9 Weeks 4pm until 4.45pm

Great for Children if:

They are athletic and need to stretch

They have too much screen time and need to move

They struggle with anxiety or confidence issues

They need a release or to de-stress

Benefits may include:

Increasing mindfulness and self-awareness

Learning about their bodies and how to move them

Learning breathing techniques

Encouraging individuality with freedom of expression

Encouraging creativity and imagination

Feeling part of a healthy, non-competitive group Improving concentration

Improving overall physical fitness and wellbeing



$89 for the first child, siblings $69. SPACES LIMITED